The Lemp Mansion Brewery


The Lemp Mansion Brewery is one of those locations where you can shoot a scary movie about the history of the place that you’re shooting a movie in. The history behind it is  very odd and will make you think a little bit about curses. The reason I say this is that 5 people died within a short time and all of them died by their own hands. Now I don’t know if it has to do with a presence within this place or not, but that’s kind of odd to have 5 people die like that. 

There are stories that suggest there were even more and some say there were less, but what is known is that this place is haunted beyond belief. Some say that there are up to as many as 200 ghosts that haunt the grounds of this place. Numerous people have contacted some of these ghosts using sprit boxes and other paranormal contacting devices. 

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