The Doll That Wanted To Kill Me – Harold The Doll


Most of you have heard of dolls like Annabelle the doll from the Conjuring, or  Robert The Doll, but what about Harold The Doll?  Some say that Harold the Doll is the most haunted doll on the planet, but that’s debatable. If you’ve see or heard anything about Annabelle or Robert The Doll, I’m pretty sure those who have come across those dolls and have had bad things happen to them will say otherwise. Now the thing about these dolls that’s very similar is the fact that they’re cursed, could they  actually be haunted? 

Who knows… 

Maybe the thing that connects them all is the curse that someone put on them before parting ways with them. Maybe it’s the emotion that was put on the doll that partially rubs off on all those who come across it in a negative manner. Maybe it’s not even a negative way that they come across it, it could just be that these darn things are just so soaked with negative energy that they give off a little bit of it to anyone who gets near them. 

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