The Bellaire House – Ohio

Ohio’s Most Haunted House

There’s a house in the small town of Bellaire, Ohio that has an insanely creepy reputation behind it. Some say that this house is not only the one of the most haunted houses in the state of Ohio, but that it’s actually one of the most paranormal active locations on the planet. The reason could be attributed to the fact that the house sits on a leyline which spirits could use this constant flow of energy to their advantage. 

The other reason this house could be so haunted is the fact that there are some Indian burial grounds behind the house in the woods. Sounds a bit like something out of a Stephen King movie which makes it even scarier. There’s also caves that are connected to the house and some say that there were some tragedies that happened with the cave and that the ghosts are stuck in this location. 

There were various tragedies that happened throughout the years inside of the Bellaire house that could also be part of why it’s so haunted. Some say that there are inhuman spirits that are lingering here but others aren’t so sure.

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