Sex With Ghosts: A Mind Boggling And Controversial Supernatural Affair



Numerous reports have surfaced over time from people claiming to have had at least one sexual encounter with a ghost at some point in their life. Many of these people considered the act to be an unwanted advance, sometimes violent, and for some victims it falls under the category of rape. Others have found the experience to be highly erotic and enjoyable and the closest thing to finding love in all of the wrong places. And while the subject matter is highly controversial simply by the very nature of the subject matter, quite possibly due to the fact that the dead are thought to be unable to speak for themselves, the nature of the act, and the paralyzing notion, if you happen to be a believer of such odd happenings, that a sexual encounter with a ghost can happen to anyone.

Aside from the admission that strange things do happen to human beings, the fact remains that these people believe that the incident was just as real as performing the act with an actual living being. For this reason most paranormal researchers have concluded that the victims of these uninvited deeds are left emotionally wounded, oddly ashamed and often confused that something bizarrely unexplainable has taken place. The unconventional revelation of these terrors that occur when we are at our most vulnerable state of mind, which just so happens to be during sleep, gives our rational state of being reason to question everything that we think we have known and trusted.

In some cases the evil male and female demon entities more commonly known as incubus and succubus engage in sexual relations with the living and typically visit mortals during periods of sleep or they appear when the victim is in the middle of a nightmare. The belief in these dark spirits go back as far as ancient times and has been portrayed in various paranormal shows and documentaries, and they have been the focus of paranormal investigations and entity case studies for groups researching demons and their promiscuous behavior. In fact debates concerning these demons date back to early Christian tradition, and even St. Augustine spoke of these sexual demonic creatures when numerous attacks on good Christian people became impossible to deny.

Victims of Ghostly Sexual Encounters Including Celebrities

25-year old pop star Kesha publicly revealed to Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM radio show that her song “Supernatural” was inspired by an erotic paranormal experience.

Before her death Anna Nicole Smith admitted to enjoying great sex that she thought was coming from her boyfriend, but was actually a ghost playing with her mind amongst other things. Anna reported to FHM “For Him Magazine” that several years before while living in Texas she had experienced supernatural sexual encounters that involved a ghost crawling up her leg. She assumed it was her boyfriend until she woke up and found that he was sleeping soundly. The pretty blond stated that she was scared at first, but soon realized she had nothing to fear because the ghost was giving her some really amazing sex.

In 1974 UCLA researchers began investigating the violent and extreme haunting that eventually became one of the most famous parapsychology cases ever documented. The movie “The Entity” was released in 1982 and was based on true events found by investigators and later featured in the film. Dr. Barry Taff and Dr. Kerry Gaynor were asked by Carla Moran to investigate the supernatural phenomenon that dwelled in her house and tormented her on a regular basis. The documented findings gave deep substance to the movie because it involved a female victim who was harassed by a sexually dark spirit that repeatedly and violently raped her.

The Discovery Channel: The Animal Planet, Science Channel & the Haunted Series offers the public a glimpse into true stories told by the victims tormented by hauntings from unexplained activity and real life horrors that include attacks from unseen entities. In some of the cases the victim’s dog goes nuts while chasing the ghost or apparition. More serious cases involve people, mainly men who have been attacked in their sleep by a female demon. The men describe the sexual encounters as experiences that felt like they were being violated with little to no control of stopping the attack, and each had prior feelings of being sleep induced and eventually severely fatigued to the point that they fell into an unnaturally deep sleep before the sexual encounter unfolded.

Walter Stephens: This experienced author covers the controversial topic of sex with demons in his Demon Lovers: Witchcraft, Sex, and the Crisis of Belief. The book openly covers witches and their strange obsessions with demons. Walpurga Hausmännin of Dillingen who had sex with a demon was burned at the stake as a witch in 1587 after she confessed to committing dirty deeds that included magic that included muredering forty one infants and two women in labor.

The Haunted: The 1991 movie is based off of actual events that occurred in the home of Jack and Janet Smurl during the 1970s and 80s. A haunting tale of spirits acting up and showing off their skills by playing with the electronics in the house. Haunting antics kept the Smurl family in fear for years, and eventually the demons made it more personal by messing with the couple directly. Male and female demon spirits known as incubus and succubus violated the couple while they lay sleeping. Jack claimed that he was raped one night by a succubus covered in scales possessing a young woman’s body, but with the head of an old woman. Janet claims that she also had a sexual encounter, but with an incubus, and her attack was with a dark shadowy humanoid figure. During the rape, Janet claims that pig noises reverberated from deep within the walls while surrounding her in virtual horror.

Parapsychology expert Dr. Barry E. Taff and his assistant were featured on the Travel Channel to discuss the very controversial subject of women who have alleged to have had sex with ghosts. According to the duo it is considered a very common phenomenon to be interfered with sexually from a spirit at some point in your life. The term used to describe the encounter is known as spectrophilia and it is very real to the victims who experience it. Most cultures have some sort of literature that explains the phenomenon that covers everything from the feeling of being touched or held down to the more extreme feeling of being raped.

Belinda Bentley, guest on the Travel Channel states that she was visited by an ex-husband from 200 years ago, and Stephanie Risely claims that her husband died in her arms and that his spirit later visited her and made love to her. Men and women actors were invited on set to make a documentary that simulates entities having sexual encounters with the living in an effort to re-enact the episodes with their ghostly lovers. These strange experiences were compared and many of the women felt that it was their deceased husbands and boyfriends coming back from the dead in an attempt to rekindle their bond when both parties were alive. To watch the video go to or