KII-T EMF Meter Audible Temperature Detection


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KII-T model with HOT & COLD temperature detection circuit.  This new feature allows a paranormal investigator to correlate temperature and KII EMF detection at the same time. A precision thermistor temperature sensor located at the top of the KII-T combined with a unique, proprietary circuit design and software, monitors +/- 5 degree ambient temperature changes in the environment. When the sensor detects a temperature change anomaly, the KII-T produces a very distinctive, one octave step tone for each degree change that occurs. This allows the investigator, and others to physically “hear” the temperature change “LIVE” as it unfolds around you. This audible technique also helps to validate your experience because someone is usually running a recorder or DVR which will pick up the audible temperature change.

Another nice feature with the KII-T is its ability to “baseline” or calibrate itself within the environment. When the KII is turned on, the temperature circuit does a quick diagnostic check (beeps twice) and then baselines instantly. If there is a slight, natural temperature change throughout the investigation, just turn the KII-T OFF and back ON and it’s re-calibrated…it’s that simple!

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