BooBuddy Jr. Ghost Hunting Trigger Object



This is not your ordinary Teddy Bear! BooBuddy is an EMF bear detect changes in energy. Children will love it, but this is definitely not a toy.

Some ghost hunters and paranormal investigations, believe that using an object familiar and attractive to a spirit may promote the spirit to interact with the object.

Just set BooBuddy in an ideal location and turn him on. That’s it, he’ll do the rest! It would be a good idea to set a voice recorder and/or camcorder near the doll to document any possible responses.

BooBuddy Jr. is not a play toy – it’s a Ghost Hunter!


  • BooBuddy Jr. is a cuddly, stuffed Teddy Bear trigger object.
  • Detects energy (EMF) changes and responds with lights in the arms when spikes arise.
  • All electronics are completely hidden inside the bear.
  • This version does not talk.
  • **NOTE: Actual doll color may vary from light tan to dark brown as some colors are sometimes not available.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in


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