Hollywood Is Coming To Mansfield Reformatory

Hollywood special effects legend Robert Kurtzman is taking his amazing skills and going to turn Ohio’s haunted Mansfield Reformatory into an awesome spectacle. Mansfield Reformatory is already known as one of the most haunted places on the planet. There have been NUMEROUS stories of odd things going on within these walls; it’s no surprise because of all the gruesome thing that went on here. 

Mansfield is home to “old sparky” which is an electric chair that was the end for well over 200 inmates. Mansfield is also home to the movie Shawshank Redemption as well as a few others. Now it’s going to transformed into a haunted attraction like no other. The man responsible for it is legendary effects master Robert Kurtzman who has worked on numerous movies some which include Wishmaster, From Dusk Till Dawn, Pulp Fiction, Devils Rejects, and many others. 

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