Hell’s Gate – Lubbock, Texas

The Last Place You Would Want To Be Left Alone At 

There’s an old train bridge that was built in the early 20th century in the town of Lubbock, Texas that has gained a very creepy reputation. Just like other similar sites across the world Hell’s Gate is one that’s surrounded in folklore and legend. There are various stories of spooky things that go on here at night, most of them are paranormal but others aren’t. Some of the locals claim that devil worshipers come here pretty frequently, and other bad things go on in this desolate location as well. 

Some people say that there were suicides and even murders in the area, now we couldn’t find any proof of anything of the sort but when you have a location as old as this anything is possible. There are those who say that the location and the age of this place have lead to the creation of these stories and that there’s nothing scary going on there at all. But some have had some rather odd experiences while visiting Hell’s Gate. 

Could it be their minds playing tricks on them, or could there be something very real and paranormal going on here?

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