Can We Die In Our Dreams?



We’ve all had those kinds of dreams where you wake up in a sweat and you’re franticly breathing.  You feel like you just came out of a marathon and you’re so hyped up that you can’t go back to sleep. Now it always seems as if we wake up right at the nick of time, but what if…

What if what?

What if you DIE in a dream, could you actually die in real life?

Now there’s an ongoing debate about this and many scientist say that you can’t die in a dream, but how do they really know this? Most of the time when people pass away in their sleep it’s because of natural causes or whatever they want to call it.

But what if we could honestly die in a dream like something out of a Nightmare On Elm Street movie and actually die in real life?

Interesting notion huh? Check out the video and see what you think!

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