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At GhostHuntingSource.com we pride ourselves on being all things Paranormal. It’s all here for you. You can listen to EVPs, view Paranormal Pictures and Paranormal Videos and shop our competitively priced state-of-the-art Paranormal products that are a must when Ghost Hunting or conducting Paranormal Investigations.

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Maintaining Your Business

We began as a Ghost Hunting/Paranormal Research group and are dedicated to investigating all things paranormal exclusively using scientific means. Since our founding in 2006 we have helped people with paranormal and mysterious phenomena in their homes and businesses. Our paranormal group is strictly not-for-profit; we do not solicit funds or accept donations for our efforts. We Ghost Hunt and investigate the paranormal for the purpose of assisting others and furthering our own Paranormal experience.

As our Ghost Hunting/Paranormal Research group grew, we found ourselves in need of a quality provider of Ghost Hunting & Paranormal products and services and thought to ourselves “who better than us knows what an experienced Paranormal Researcher or Ghost Hunter wants and needs?” – so we decided to open our online and retail Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation store!