A Horror Themed Museum Inside Of The Stanley Hotel?


If you’ve ever seen Stephen King’s movie “The Shining” and wanted to check out this awesome hotel before, after this you’ll want to go even more. Colorado’s Stanley Hotel is planning on opening a 30,000 square foot horror themed interactive museum and a 500 seat film center that will be the first of its kind. The hotel is already famous for the movie “The Shining” which a large amount of guests each year stay at just because of the movie. The hotel had a very creepy reputation before the movie and this was one of the main reasons why Stephen King used the placed for the movie in the first place. 

There are numerous stories of ghosts and creepy apparitions that haunt the Stanley, and a few of its rooms are requested just because of this. Some guests say that the hotel is already creepy enough without the stories but adding a museum of this kind to it will make it a one of a kind type of stay. The Stanley has been showcased by numerous television paranormal investigation shows. While some have recorded some pretty creepy things going on here, others say that the place really isn’t haunted at all. 

Whatever you choose to believe would you still visit the Stanley to check out the museum?

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