5 Of The Creepiest Ghost Sightings Ever Caught On Camera



Now when it comes to the paranormal, there are those of us who DO believe and there are those of us that don’t, well at least not yet. I’ve seen some very odd and strange paranormal activity in my lifetime, enough to let me know that there is something else around us at all times that we can’t or aren’t supposed to understand in this lifetime. The thing about it is that sometimes these voids from the living world and the great beyond kind of conflict. They tend to tear each other apart and things sort of slip in and out of both worlds.  



Are these GHOSTS or something else?

We can only speculate that they’re ghosts or entities that we’ve come to know as ghosts. I’m pretty sure there’s a ton of other things out there that we have no clue about that we associate with ghosts. Some people have had some very odd experiences, ones so vivid and harsh that they make horror movies seem like kids movies. But what happens when we catch a ghost on film, or record some form of paranormal activity on video?

Good question… 

Most of the time these sort of things are dismissed as fakes, and if you’ve seen some of these so call ghost videos and photos, you’ll know why they’re called fakes. But every  now and then we run into an interest photo or video that we can’t dismiss as a fake, these are those kinds of photos. 


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