The Urban Legend Of Carmen Winstead



This is one of those things that can be a real ghost story or it might be fake. Now the part of the chain letter I highly doubt is actually real, but the story itself?

NO not exactly… 

However, has something like this happened in the past? I’m pretty sure it has since bullying is something that happens everywhere, and sometimes it gets severely out of control. Now there’s really no documented proof that this girl ever existed, also no proof has ever come forth as too if anything like this has happened anywhere in Indiana. 

I live rather close to where this story is supposed to have originated and that’s just it, it’s a scary story that started with a chain letter

True Story Film?

I’m surprised no one has made a film that’s supposed to be based on a true story, most movies that are made are supposedly loosely based on something true. Then you watch them and find out that they weren’t true at all. 

Anyways the story is pretty sad, kids can be cruel, and so can adults as we all know. But how far from the truth is a story like this, well besides the well part and her coming out of the well to kill everyone. 

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