The Real Story Behind The BOOGEYMAN



Are You Afraid Of The Boogeyman?

Every area, state, country, culture, has some kind of story or legend of a figure that lurks in the night, the boogeyman!  Depending on where you go stories of this hideous thing or creature are somewhat different. In some places he just messes with you, in others he takes you into a dark void or into hell. 

Some of these stories were made up to frighten children, other stories were made up centuries ago. So is there any truth to any of these stories?


Some say that the Boogeyman is a real figure, that it’s an evil entity that comes to in the shape of your darkest fears. Others say it’s just a bed time story that was made up to scare kids and for campfire stories. 

One thing is for sure, all of us at one point in time or another were afraid of the Boogeyman, whether he was under the bed, in our closet, in a dark place, we were ALL scared of it. 

Some cultures believe that it’s a female entity and others a male, who knows what it is and if it even exists, one thing is for sure…. The legend of the Boogeyman will forever live on! 

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