The Most Haunted Town In The West- Jerome Arizona



The Most Haunted Town In The West- Jerome Arizona

Certain towns have places that are haunted, and then other towns that are known for being haunted themselves, this is one of those towns.

Jerome Arizona was a bustling town back in the 1920’s, reason being was because of it’s billion dollar copper mining operation. Everyone came to that town in order to work and find their riches. But with the large influx of people also came a bunch of problems.

It was dubbed “The wickedest city in the west”, and for good reason.  The town pretty much shut down once the mines ran dry and everyone left, well at least the live ones ….

Today it’s an artsy type of town, and most of its revenue comes from tourism. People come to check out the arts and crafts, but primarily people go there for one reason.


This town has ghost sightings and reports of paranormal activity happening all over the place. It’s not just centered around one area or one building, it’s all the buildings and various outdoor locations. One of the top place is a place that the locals call “Spook Hall” because of all the strange stuff going on it.

Jerome is so haunted that they even have a newsletter by the name of the “Jerome Ghost Post”.

One of the most famous ghosts is a person by the name of Sammie Dean, she was a prostitute in the 20’s that was murdered. Her murderer was never captured and her death still remains a mystery until this day.

People have said that they’ve seen her around spook hall, the reason being is that the community center was actually a prostitution crib for the locals way back in the day.



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