The Creeper Of Waverly Hills



The Creeper Of Waverly Hills

It’s been called one of the most paranormal active locations on the planet, Waverly Hills Sanatorium . It’s known for its creepy stories and spooky evidence of the paranormal, and soon it will become a hotel and convention center. Now there are certain areas that are beyond scary that are within Waverly Hills that people tend to stay away from. Then there are ghosts and entities that are rumored to haunt Waverly Hills but one of them stands out among the rest. 


Those who have been unlucky enough to come face to face with this entity have said they won’t ever return to this place. Most of the encounters have involved some rather frightening stuff. There’s even been a few occasions where evp’s have WARNED people to get out of the area because he was coming, where they talking about THE CREEPER?

Check out this video by Mysterious World that we found on one very frightening occasion where a person came face to face with the creeper!


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