The Black Monk of Pontefract – Poltergeist Nightmare



Poltergeist curse?

In the late 60’s early 70’s in the estate of Pontefract England, a menacing poltergeist was said to have roamed around in one of the homes in the area. The poltergeist curse of this home started when things within the home started to get bad. They always say that where there is anger and negativity, there’s bound to be some energy for something bad and evil to be able to manifest itself. 

So pretty much it’s like a battery for a negative entity, if the spirit or bad thing needs energy, it feeds off the negative stuff that goes on within a home. 

How to get rid of dark energy 

So for most people who have this problem they look at ways that they can get rid of the dark energy. But in this case they say the energy that was put out was latched on by a dark monk who supposedly raped and killed a girl centuries ago. 

The home was right across the site of an old monastery, the place had a few bad incidents one being what this monk did during his time in that place. Now what happened in the home is things that happen in movies. 


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