Return To Babylon



It’s said the silent movie Return to Babylon breaks all movie film logic, the reason being is the distortion of faces within the film reel. The film was made in order to mimick the old silent movie style of film making. It wasn’t noticed until they went back through the editing reel to see what REALLY was on the footage. 

The crazy part is that when they went through the film footage they were amazed at what they found. Movie experts and even critics alike had no explanation for what went on in that film. Even some of the actors complained about being touched or feeling like there was some malevolent presence around them. 

This could be because they filmed many of the scenes in areas that old silent films were made at, could it be ghosts of the past coming back to haunt the cast?

PG 13 film or Rated R Horror 

After the footage came out of the disturbing images, people were actually freaked out to watch the film for fear of bad luck. Could a film give you bad luck if you watched it?

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