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The Ghost Hunting Source retail store is located at: 14 N. Lowry Ave, Springfield, Ohio, 45504 in the Robertson Building. Our hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday Noon – 7:00 PM. We have everything a Ghost Hunter would need for their Paranormal Investigations. We carry a wide range of Books, DVDs, EMF-Meters, Infrared Cameras and Camcorders, Full Spectrum Cameras and Camcorders, EVP Recorders, Spirit Boxes, REM Pods and more. If things get really bad we have Smudging Kits and Holy Water.
While you are here take a few minutes to walk around the haunted Robertson Building. We don’t mind and neither do the Spirits. For more information on investigating the Robertson Building click here..


retail store

We have Full Spectrum and Infrared Cameras, Camcorders, IR Lights, Full Spectrum Lights, Brackets and more.

retail store

We have a wide range of Mel-Meters, K2 Meters and other EMF Meters!

retail store

REM-PODS, EVP Recorders, Spirit Boxes, Laser Pens and more!

retail store

Smudge Kits, Tarot Cards, Dowsing Rods, Holy Water, Books and DVDs!


We have a nice selection of Stones and Crystals!

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