A Horror Themed Museum Inside Of The Stanley Hotel?

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If you’ve ever seen Stephen King’s movie “The Shining” and wanted to check out this awesome hotel before, after this you’ll want to go even more. Colorado’s Stanley Hotel is planning on opening a 30,000 square foot horror themed interactive museum and a 500 seat film center that will be the first of its kind. The hotel is already famous for the movie “The Shining” which a large amount of guests each year stay at just because of the movie. The hotel had a very creepy reputation before the movie and this was one of the main reasons why Stephen King used the placed for the movie in the first place. 

There are numerous stories of ghosts and creepy apparitions that haunt the Stanley, and a few of its rooms are requested just because of this. Some guests say that the hotel is already creepy enough without the stories but adding a museum of this kind to it will make it a one of a kind type of stay. The Stanley has been showcased by numerous television paranormal investigation shows. While some have recorded some pretty creepy things going on here, others say that the place really isn’t haunted at all. 

Whatever you choose to believe would you still visit the Stanley to check out the museum?


Man Dies During The Conjuring 2 Then His Body Vanishes

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Scared To Death! 

Now this has to be one of the oddest stories we’ve come across in a while, primarily because it’s TRUE. When we first heard this story we thought that it was fake, but it turns out that this actually did happen. A 65 old man from India complained of have severe chest pains and had a heart attack during the films climax. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival, now did this guy have previous heart problems or was this brought on by the movie? 

Who knows… 

That’s not even the strangest part of the story, it turns out his body was then taken by the driver of the ambulance, but no one knows who the man driving actually was. The body was never recovered and now it’s bringing up even more questions about what what really happened here. There have been stories of people saying they were possessed after watching the movie and others have said that ghosts have followed them home. Unlike those stories which are probably false, this one is true and is a bit terrifying if you think about it.


A Girl Possessed While Watching The Conjuring 2

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Was The Conjuring 2 That Scary?

It seems like ever since the movie The Conjuring 2 has hit the theaters, there’s been some controversial stuff reportedly happening. There was a story of a man who died while watching the movie, then his body vanished at the hospital supposedly after the ambulance driver “which no one knew who he even was” took the body and vanished as well.

But this story is a little bit different, a woman ended up going crazy during the movie and many are saying that she was possessed by a demon. We saw the movie when it first came out and thought it was scary, we actually enjoyed this one more than the first one. But do we think a person can become possessed just by watching a movie? We honestly don’t think so but then again it could have been a medical condition that this lady was suffering from that was triggered by the movie. 

Then again it could be that she was already being followed by something or had been possessed for a while that could have caused this outburst. Or could it be that this woman just wanted some attention and her chance at 5 minutes of fame and saw this as her chance to get on a viral video?


Origin Of Mad As A Hatter

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I’m Mad As A Hatter

If you look up the phrase “mad as a hatter” you’re going to notice something very disturbing. It’s not all fun and games like it’s portrayed by the Mad Hatter in the story and movie “Alice In Wonderland“. The Hatter isn’t here to help you out in some strange kind of way, but the hatter is a real phrase and used for something a little more sinister. 


I always knew that the hatter was a  crazy character but I never realized that it came from something that was true. Just like other Disney stories and characters, sometimes their origins aren’t created from happy things, but sometimes from rather odd ones and this particular case a crazy story.


The Red House- Philippines

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Singapore’s Most Haunted House 

The name alone sounds rather scary, but Singapore’s infamous Red House is anything but a picnic. For years there’s been stories that the house is beyond haunted because of it’s gruesome and evil past. No one actually knows if the rumors are true or not, but many have said that this was a house of horrors. Some of the stories state that during World War 2 the house was being turned into a nursery but that it was captured by Japanese forces and that all of the occupants were massacred. The teachers and even the children within the house were burned alive and some say that you can still even see the charred imprints of the bodies on the floors and against various walls. 

There are other rumors that years later a family lived there and that the father killed his entire family and buried them under a tree in the back yard. Then a ghost of his wife or an evil entity came back and killed him in return, now the house is supposedly haunted by them as well. Some say that they’ve heard evil laughter coming from the house an have seen a dark shadow with red eyes looking at them. 

The house was finally purchased and totally renovated and turned into school for small children. But some say that even with the renovations the ghosts of the past will still haunt this place, but only time will tell. 


The Loveland Castle – Ohio

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Ohio’s Haunted Castle 

The last place you would think to  find a medieval castle would be in the Midwest in Loveland,Ohio. Chateau Laroche aka The Loveland Castle .  was built as a reminder of strength and honor the knights had during the dark ages. The castle is a replica of a medieval castle built by a man named Harry Anderson. Mr. Anderson built the entire castle from milk carton molds and lots of stones from the river. He even went as far as flattening the land for a garden and even created his own drainage system, the entire castle took him 50 years to complete! 

Now how many of us would take on such a task as this?

Harry Anderson started the castle in 1927 as a side project but eventually it became a full time venture. He kept working on it while also using the place for his boy scout troop which he was the head master of. Eventually the castle was completed and he gained fame for his awesome creation. Unfortunately he died from severe burns from an unfortunate accident that was caused by either burning trash or cooking on the roof of the castle. But before his death his wife also died in a tragic accident, she was crushed to death by a whiskey barrel that had been launched after an explosion within the castle. 

Now it’s said that Mr. Anderson and his wife are among some of the spirits that haunt the castle. They’ve been seen wandering the halls of the castle in various areas and even outside of the property.


Hell’s Gate – Lubbock, Texas

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The Last Place You Would Want To Be Left Alone At 

There’s an old train bridge that was built in the early 20th century in the town of Lubbock, Texas that has gained a very creepy reputation. Just like other similar sites across the world Hell’s Gate is one that’s surrounded in folklore and legend. There are various stories of spooky things that go on here at night, most of them are paranormal but others aren’t. Some of the locals claim that devil worshipers come here pretty frequently, and other bad things go on in this desolate location as well. 

Some people say that there were suicides and even murders in the area, now we couldn’t find any proof of anything of the sort but when you have a location as old as this anything is possible. There are those who say that the location and the age of this place have lead to the creation of these stories and that there’s nothing scary going on there at all. But some have had some rather odd experiences while visiting Hell’s Gate. 

Could it be their minds playing tricks on them, or could there be something very real and paranormal going on here?


The Hag Of Galveston, Texas

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Beware Of The Hag! 

Galveston, Texas is known for having some of the most haunted locations in the United States, some say it’s because of the spirits that tragically died in a hurricane in the year 1900 that killed around 6 to 8,000 people. Now Galveston’s most well-known haunted location is The Hotel Galvez, and is known for its ghosts and even the haunted painting of Bernardo De Galvez. But the story of the Hag of Galveston is a different kind of ghost, it’s not the type that haunts a house, hotel room, or a painting, this ghosts haunts a particular area. 

There are different stories of WHO the hag actually was but one of the most famous stories is that the hag was at one time a beautiful woman and she did something extremely bad in order to win the love of another man. Now in the video we found you;ll hear the entire story and it’s a rather odd one, could the story be true? 

Who knows! 

What we do know is where there’s smoke there’s fire, so we think that there could be some truth to this story, but then again it could just be a story that hasn’t faded out throughout the years.


Moore’s Crossing Bridge – Texas

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The Hanging man Bridge

Now this is another story of another very old bridge that’s full of history and legend. Unlike other bridges that you have to go far out into a desolate location to find them, this bridge has been converted into a foot bridge for pedestrians to use. The Moore’s Crossing bridge was built in the late 1800’s but was eventually transformed into a foot bridge sometime during the late 80’s or early 90’s.  

The Most Haunted Foot Bridge In Texas 

 The bridge is said to be haunted by a man who was hung by a mob for having an affair with a woman they didn’t approve of. Although no records or any proof has ever been found verifying if this story is actually true or not, it has become a creepy urban legend. The thing about this bridge is that there have been supposed witnesses claiming to have seen a man hanging from the bridge. Others have seen a man walking in out of date clothing along the bridge, so could this story be true?


The Bellaire House – Ohio

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Ohio’s Most Haunted House

There’s a house in the small town of Bellaire, Ohio that has an insanely creepy reputation behind it. Some say that this house is not only the one of the most haunted houses in the state of Ohio, but that it’s actually one of the most paranormal active locations on the planet. The reason could be attributed to the fact that the house sits on a leyline which spirits could use this constant flow of energy to their advantage. 

The other reason this house could be so haunted is the fact that there are some Indian burial grounds behind the house in the woods. Sounds a bit like something out of a Stephen King movie which makes it even scarier. There’s also caves that are connected to the house and some say that there were some tragedies that happened with the cave and that the ghosts are stuck in this location. 

There were various tragedies that happened throughout the years inside of the Bellaire house that could also be part of why it’s so haunted. Some say that there are inhuman spirits that are lingering here but others aren’t so sure.