Best Evidence Of The Shadow People, Are They Real?



The Dark Entity 

For centuries, these dark entities known as the shadow people have been popping up all over the world. Some call these people the ” dark half ” or other beings from other realms only to be shown by their shadows. 

So what are these dark entities?

No one really knows, some say they’re inter dimensional beings, others say that they’re demons or ghosts, and some say they’re just manifestations of the mind. Whatever the case may be, people all over the world have been seeing them. 

Some people even see them in their dreams, I was one of those people. For years I would see this guy with a hat standing across the street from my house. The thing was that it wasn’t like a normal person but rather a reflection or shadow of a man figure. I was having these dreams for a long time and as fast as they came they went away. Unlike other dreams that dream I still vividly remember even though those dreams happened when I was a child.

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